About South Camden Theatre Company

SCTC was incorporated on October 6, 2005. We are a professional theatre company. We work hard to produce our shows with paid actors, directors and designers. We are lead by a non-profit theatre board. The individuals who work on the board of directors are all volunteers. They do what they do out of love for theatre and for the community. Together, we produce some of the best theatre productions in the area. Your attendance and support are what we need to help us meet our goals. Please join us. You’ll be impressed with what you see on our stage. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

South Camden Theatre Company, Inc. is a 501C(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to our company are fully tax-deductible as permitted by law.

Our Mission

As Camden’s first professional theater we enhance the community by creating quality artistic productions while anchoring The Waterfront South Arts District. We strive to promote South Camden’s rebirth as a destination by providing a positive experience for its residents and those from the surrounding region. Our goal is to entertain, engage, and educate.

Our Vision

To become an artistic center of excellence in the city of Camden and the Delaware Valley.

Our Values

• Equality      • Honesty     • Collaboration      • Professionalism     • Excellence      • Stewardship

Anchoring The Arts In The Neighborhood

It is our dream, and the dream of those who support our efforts, that the opening of a theatre in this neighborhood will bring new life to the city of Camden. This theatre serves the community and region by producing plays that make a difference and by enriching the lives of those who live, work and come to Camden. As the anchor of a budding arts community, we believe you deserve to see the best production possible at the fairest price possible.

Join us for a play. Visit our neighbors. Enjoy the arts in Camden!