South Camden Theatre Company Teams Up With A Saturday’s Child To Present This One-Act Weekend

On Stage Friday, December 6 at 8:00 pm, Saturday, December 7 at 8:00 pm and Sunday, December 8 at 2:00 pm



SCTC is proud to partner with this innovative arts organization

A Saturday’s Child is back on the boards. After a ‘too long’ hiatus, the innovative arts and entertainment company has resurfaced with an evening of equally innovative one-act plays featuring the works of three Philadelphia area playwrights. True to form, this ASC production is clever in construct and content and enhanced by its partnership with The South Camden Theatre Company, a remarkable ‘art-house’ with a proud history and promising future.

A most intriguing banner title, ‘Therapy, Negotiation & Guile’ houses three delightfully diverse pieces. ‘Cheap Therapy’ by Edward Shakespeare is a comedic yarn about ridiculously affordable counseling dispensed from a South Jersey boardwalk pushcart. ‘The Second Bottle—A Negotiation’ by Tom Chin is a fable-like tale pitting a sly old stall-minder against a conniving young hustler in a battle of one-upmanship, a war of words and wants. ‘Florentine Chess’ by Dambra Sabato rounds out the trio with a renaissance portrait of a flawed iconic genius and a slighted silk merchant’s wife engaged in a most surprising game of wits.

Tickets are available online, over the phone or at the door during the weekend event. Tickets are $25 for general admission. Our $5 Camden Resident Ticketing program is also available for residents of the community.


Cheap Therapy

by Edward Shakespeare


The world’s cheapest therapy can be found at a pushcart on wheels on a boardwalk in South Jersey. For a mere 50 cents per half-minute, Doctor Jerome Seltzer dispenses his original brand of counseling, with an occasional free egg cream thrown in. It’s post-Labor Day, and most of the tourists have left, but Seltzer still receives a stream of customers desperate for his unique therapy. Gene, a hapless student from Villanova, must make a crucial romantic choice; a young woman is torn between her aspirations and those of her father; an older woman feels life passing her by because she feels she’s “too nice.” Seltzer gives each “patient” rapid-fire advice as he gives the audience laughs. But what kind of advice does he hand out? What is his favorite surprise? Is Seltzer a quack? To find out, as the Doctor might say, “This you gotta see!”

The Second Bottle – A Negotiation

by Tom Chin


He is a mystically ethereal character, this storyteller, in, but not really of, this world, a bewitching presence. His story begins in a clearing at the forest’s edge, on the outskirts of a quaint village. It is a cold morning in the indefinite past. A sly but lonely old man has set up his peddler’s stall, half-heartedly hoping for a customer. A sly and self-centered young man comes upon him from out of the woods and seizes an opportunity to take advantage. It is a tale of two men, each trying to get his conscious and subconscious needs met. The negotiating factor is the vehicle used to set the fable into motion. Where it will end is anyone’s guess…or is the outcome already predetermined?

Florentine Chess

by Dambra Sabato


He is the quintessential genius of the Renaissance. She is a silk merchant’s wife. He is sought after by all the world. She only seeks to have him finish what he started. He feels she is beneath him. She feels that and is counting on it. He is a genius who will not be trifled with. She is a woman who will no longer be dismissed. He acts as though he is above it all. She intends to change that. It is the game of wits between Leonardo DaVinci and Signora Lisa Giocondo, a clever and avenging ‘Florentina’ who somehow manages to level the playing field and earn that mystic smile. ‘Florentine Chess’ is a selection from ‘Backstories’, a series of one-acts playing upon what might have happened in the thirty minutes before iconic moments in art, history and culture.


Purchase tickets in advance to guarantee your seat during this one-weekend event.