2018 — Celebrating Female Playwrights

Our 2018 Season — our thirteenth season — is dedicated to work written by amazing women from across the country. We’ll introduce you to two regional premieres, one world premiere and one amazing piece of theatre by playwright Lynn Nottage.




This Superstorm drama is a force of nature.” —Time Out (New York)

By Playwright, Sharyn Rothstein

Hurricane Sandy has just ravaged the lifelong Staten Island home of Marty and Mary Murphy. But the storm has ripped apart more than just the walls: with their neighbors too devastated to stay, the couple’s beloved community is in danger of disappearing forever. Determined to rebuild, Marty wages a campaign to save his neighborhood and his home, but when the Murphys’ sons arrive to help their parents dig out, past betrayals come rushing to the surface. With fierce compassion and poignant humor, BY THE WATER reminds us that the very powers that tear us apart can also bring us together.

BY THE WATER traces the impact of a devastating natural disaster on a middle class couple who were already trudging uphill. Drawn with acute sympathy and in gritty detail, the play dramatizes the kind of story that filled newspapers in the months after Hurricane Sandy. It’s clear from the pungent dialogue—which is seasoned with salty humor—that Rothstein knows these characters inside out.”

Four stars! BY THE WATER is a solid play about a dissolving world; the Murphys may have built on sand, but Rothstein builds on bedrock. —The New York Times.

“A first-rate play. Before she reaches her bittersweet ending, Rothstein has examined a strong marriage that’s greatly tested and has probed deeply into fractious parent-child relationships. What she’s wise about demonstrating is the multi-faceted nature of love.” —Huffington Post.

BY THE WATER is currently in rehearsal.

The cast members are:

Russ Walsh – Marty Murphy

Susan Dewey – Mary Murphy

Alfie Mannino – Sal Murphy

Danny Donnelly – Brian Murphy

Michael Tamin Yurcaba – Phillip Carter

Elizabeth Terry – Andrea Carter

Aimee Theresa – Emily Mancini

We hope you will plan now to join us between September 7 – September 23.

Our shows are Friday and Saturday nights at 8:00pm and Sunday matinees at 2:00pm.