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Produced April 19 and running through May 5, 2013.

RADIO GOLF was a fast-paced, dynamic and wonderfully funny work about the world today and the dreams we have for the future. Set in the late 1990’s the play was Wilson’s closing reflection on a decade-by-decade historic depiction of the African-American experience as an entrepreneur aspires to become the city’s first African-American mayor. But when the past began to catch up with him, secrets get revealed that could be his undoing.

The most contemporary of all of Pulitzer Prize and Tony winner August Wilson's work, RADIO GOLF was the final play in his unprecedented 10-play Pittsburgh cycle chronicling African-American life in the 20th century. Don't miss this opportunity to experience his final play on our stage…just off Broadway.

RADIO GOLF was directed by Connie Norwood, who most recently directed our acclaimed production of Tennessee Williams' "Suddenly Last Summer".

South Camden Theatre Company topped off its 8th Season with August Wilson’s RADIO GOLF, an intensely funny and serious play, delivering the playwright’s message loud and clear. And, the playwright himself couldn’t have picked a better cast and director to deliver it. READ MORE

WORK OF CELEBRATED PLAYWRIGHT COMES TO CAMDEN: Area actors, director relish chance to bring August Wilson work to Camden…READ MORE

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