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Indoor Picnic program


October 26 through November 11.

Written in 1997 by Joseph M. Paprzycki and Directed by Ray Croce

INDOOR PICNIC portrayed the change in Camden, New Jersey from 1960 to 1990 as viewed through the eyes of four members of a fading Polish American club. We saw their neighborhood and city change from a safe, robust neighborhood in the 1960’s to a neighborhood in decline during the 1990’s.

This play is also viewed through the interactions and eyes of the club’s African American cleaning woman, Flossie, who bears witness to the overt racism that was pervasive at that time and is crystallized in her relationship with Stash, a racist member of the club. We see their stories intertwine as the years pass and we see the tragedy of our city in the 1990’s however.. elevated by hope.

South Camden Theatre Company featured the play in 2006 and now gave it a fully staged and realized production in our new home at Waterfront South Theatre. As the only professional theatre in Camden we felt the need to tell stories of our city so as to continue the healing that has already begun.

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